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Our weekly photo challenge

Each week we run a photo challenge to capture the essence of a single topic as creatively as possible. Entry rules are very simple - the photo must be from somewhere in Aberdeenshire (even if it is indoors), and is taken in the week of the challenge.

To enter, simply register for a new user account and upload your photographs.


Challenge - Reflections Reflections

Photo challenge to capture "reflections" through photographs, with images taken throughout Aberdeenshire and the North East of Scotland.  Unleash all your creativity to win this photo challenge.

Challenge - Smiles The challenge to capture "smiles".  Genuine, beaming, cheeky, coy or bubbly - whatever you feel is the essence of a smile! Photographs from around Aberdeenshire, inside and out, taken between the 3rd and 1th of February 2010.
Challenge - Food Our challenge this week to capture "food" and food related topics. Photographs from around Aberdeenshire, inside and out, taken between the 27th January and 3rd February 2010.
Challenge - Glass Glass

The challenge to capture "glass" in all shapes and forms, being as creative as possible.

Photographs from around Aberdeenshire, inside and out, taken between the 20th and 27th of January 2010.

Challenge - Weather

Our first creative photo challenge of 2010 to capture "Weather" in the North East of Scotland.

Photographs from around Aberdeenshire, taken between the 13th and 20th of January 2010.

@tourscotland You can use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck instead - it's not affecting those.
Not long until Doors Open Day in Aberdeen - Sat 11th Sept:
Did anyone attend the open day at Haddo this weekend?
Haddo House Family Day - Sunday August 1st, with puppet shows, open gardens, face painting, house tours, crafts and more.
What's the best picnic spot in Aberdeenshire?

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The colours in this are great! commented Graham
Overlooking the obvious, it is a nice picture :) commented Rae
Great pic Jade. Armani would be proud of this one... commented Graham